In today’s extremely dynamic and competitive world, it is a sine qua non for leaders of future-oriented companies to accentuate on investment, innovation, and adaptability in technology. Adjusting its pace and rhythm accordingly with the ever-changing and uncertain business landscape is very crucial for nowadays companies to stay ahead in this fierce competition. Regarding this, most companies must rely on cutting-edge technology as their enabler to stay relevant now and in the future.
However, that’s not it! We should keep in mind that sophisticated technology is not the only factor needed to be the champion in this real-world competition. It takes more than that. Companies should be able to react and move speedily, maintaining consistency in all aspects, and evolve its competencies accordingly with external changes. Those should be strongly supported with technology that fits with the humane side of its customers. Thus, one of the biggest challenges is on how to develop deep and continuous relationship in this heavily digitized and connected world between companies and its customers—and other relevant stakeholders—using the right human-like technology platform without causing any frustration in all touch points.
As we all know that the advancement of technology is inevitable and unstoppable. New discoveries and innovations that lead to massive disruptions is becoming a new normal. To survive this, companies should be able to transform any time without compromising the quality, cost, and delivery of its product and supporting services. At the same time companies should always be able to provide great customer experience before, during, and after in the process of engagement with customers through integrated and consistent omnichannel both offline and online. Traditional boundaries are now gone and the society becoming more inclusive between customers, employees, companies, and society at large.
All those shakeouts have a huge impact on marketing practices in companies all around the world and leads to some critical questions: How to maximize the value of investment on technology? What kind of new capabilities and competencies that should be acquired to secure that companies will endure from time to time? What kind of values that companies should adopt to surviving this chaos? What caliber of talented people that companies should attract and employ to ensure optimum value creation? What’s kind of metrics that should be used in this era of connectivity? Companies have put bigger and bigger concern towards customer journey from awareness stage to purchase as well as to advocacy stage. Hence, companies should redefine its marketing approaches and should utilize latest digital tools and platforms to provide flawless customers’ interactions in all touch points.
Accenture Technology Vision 2018 stated that more than 80% of executives agrees that through technology companies can handle complex and comprehensive relationships with the society. McKinsey & Company concluded that companies are required to use technology to optimize both digital and human interactions to achieve 5 times revenue higher than average, 8 times higher on operating profit, and 2 times the return on stakeholders. In the near future we will find out who can keep up with this extremely dynamic business landscape and who will bite the dust. That is why humancentric technology is now on the center stage of management discussions since all progressive leaders believe that this kind of technology is align with their forward thinking, able to deal with never-ending uncertainty, and in turn facilitates companies in achieving desired growth.

24th February 2019

Technical Meeting

Welcoming our delegates with introductions and brief games, in addition to a presentation regarding the series of events of The 15th MIST.

25th February 2019

Presentation Day

Finalists of the Call for Paper competition comprised of 15 teams will presenting each of their papers in front of the judges in a specific time.
Our 4 Session of Seminar will discuss a compelling subtheme which will be delivered by a credible expert in their field. This seminar is aimed to give an insight on marketing, corresponding to the grand theme of The 15th MIST.

26th February 2019

Conference Day 1

The main objective of this activity is Networking, therefore, the delegates will be randomly assigned to form a new team and discuss an issue on marketing.

28th February 2019

Conference Day 2

The delegates will be given motions which will trigger an educational debate and discussion towards the issue at hand, which in the end will produce a comprehensive solution.

1st March 2019


A material based on a current issue of marketing will be given, followed with a direct practice by the participants and feedbacks from the trainers.

1st March 2019

Awarding Night and Gala Dinner

This denotes the closing of the series of events of The 15th MIST. The activity includes performances along with the announcement of each winners from each category at the end of this event.