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MIST is an international marketing conference, seminar, and training, that offers all necessary updates and insights from the marketing environment in the world.


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KAMIST is MIST's weekly content that contains insight about marketing all over the world.


Hermawan Kartajaya (Founder and CEO of Markplus Inc)

“I appreciate the effort of UI students that have an interest in making this event. The young generation of Indonesia’s marketing from the best University in Indonesia to always be #optiMIST! May this event in the future could be even better.”

Erik Meijer (President Director/CEO of Telkomtelstra

“I sincerely respect the committees involved in this event, because i recognize that they put a great amount of effort to make such a big event like MIST. the organization itself worked smoothly and flawlessly. I liked the topics chosen and the time management as well. The topics are very relevant and some of which are hot topics being talked about in society. I really hope that the number of the audience increases for the next year’s event.”

Rudiantara (Minister of Communication and Informatics)

“Marketing Insight has to provide more in the future. This event is related to Universitas Indonesia, though I saw a couple of delegates from Yogyakarta as well. By applying the digital way as the one I mentioned, this event can be known by many more people. It’s not the technology that changes; the technology has become an enabler, a mindset of ours. Let’s say, “I want to change the way (to market my event). I want to change the process. Therefore, I’m taking advantage of technology.” That is what our mindsets are supposed to be.”

Agus Nurudin (Managing Director PT. The Nielsen Company)

In my opinion, this annual event is a great event for students. The 16th MIST topic is the most interesting one because it is related to technology, business, and current economic development, which will later become a foothold for the next step in Indonesia”

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