Huawei Reveals New Chip for the Global Data Market

China’s Huawei Technologies Ltd. is continuing to push its efforts to maintain its status as a global tech competitor. Even though it and many other Chinese companies relied on western technology to develop their products, Huawei is trying their hand at making their own. Recently they have unveiled the Kunpeng 920 chip, which is said […]

A Solution to Improve Local Farmer’s Welfare

Started from questioning why most of local farmers in Indonesia are included in the lowest class economy, Yohanes Sugihtononugroho started to approach local farmers to get the answer. He found out the main problems are the lack of knowledge about technology and how to manage capital properly. Then Yohanes with his friend, Risyad Ganis, initiated […]

Cinemaxx Launched Its Junior Concept

Cinemaxx Global Pacific has launched a new concept: Cinemaxx Junior. Aimed for parents and families, this concept provides a safe, stimulating, and entertaining place for children while allowing their parents to watch movies worry-free. Located at Pluit Village, Jakarta, Cinemaxx Junior will also equip the concept with numerous programs for children aged 3 – 8, […]


“The growth of e-gaming has been fascinating. It recorded a 200 percent user and revenue growth from 2014 to 2018,” said Indra D. Hariadi, Bali and Nusa Tenggara’s Telkomsel Digital Manager today, April 7 This also makes Indonesia became the biggest market for one of mobile gaming, mobile legend that officially released at 2016. Mobile […]

Algolia Tops Google in the Business Search Market

Everything regarding the internet search market has been under Google’s purview for the longest time. However, one specific segment of the market has for the most part been ignored by the search engine giant; the helping of consumers to find company websites, and within those websites, their online product catalog. What Google does well is […]


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ reached the most popular box office in August 2018. For Warner Bros, it raked another $ 25 million, bringing its total box office to $ 76.8 million, according to Deadline. Crazy Rich Asians have become a commercial success by targeting the Asian-American community without losing its main attraction as a romantic comedy. […]


Kraft Heinz Co. are focusing on shaking up the food industry, by investing a venture capital of $100 million to improve and build on concepts such as supply chain technology and e-commerce. The company has commited to start a new firm called Evolv Ventures, which will invest in food technology companies. Kraft also hired a […]

Unilever’s Efforts to Make The Industry More Representative And Inclusive

Unilever is currently urging the marketing industry to be more ‘representative’ as an act of eradicating stereotypes in advertising. Exactly what does Unilever do to minimize stereotyping in advertising industry? Check out our video to find out more! Wanna get more insight on marketing? Tune in every Thursday for more KaMIST! You can reach us […]

McDonald’s Boosts Up Its Customer’s Experience

McDonald’s wants to show their intention to boost up their customer’s experience by releasing new marketing campaigns which are ‘Hands Full’, ‘Grownup’ and ‘It Must Be’. These ideas are to maximize the satisfaction towards customers with new innovation that enables them to easily access their services through their excellent mobile ordering, in-store touchscreens and table […]