Powerhouse social media network LinkedIn is seeking to crush its current “white collar” stereotype. The brand had just launched a TV spot titled “In it Together” during the Golden Globes award show, an advertising strategy uncharacteristic of the brand in the past, but makes sense given the reason that LinkedIn is trying to break away from its current image. The “In It Together” campaign features a diverse range of peoples and businesses.

The campaign marks LinkedIn’s first real integrated marketing effort and also includes online video, digital display, paid social media, outdoor ads, podcasts, radio spots, partnerships, and search engine marketing. The videos are in black-and-white, documentary-style shots to highlight LinkedIn users’ success stories in their unique surroundings.

LinkedIn members featured during “In It Together” comprise those that match the stereotype, such as an information technology employee, yet the campaign also includes users involved in sales, nonprofits, ranching, education, culinary, the arts (dancing and animation, for example) and even a mixed-martial-arts fighter.

The campaign utilize elements that humanize the brand, creating emotions, and uplifting empathy. The TV Spot shows that the website is inclusive for all and thus denying the white collar stereotype. Hence, “LinkedIn’s In It Together” campaign does not only serve as an advertising effort but also improves the company’s brand image.

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