McDonald’s wants to show their intention to boost up their customer’s experience by releasing new marketing campaigns which are ‘Hands Full’, ‘Grownup’ and ‘It Must Be’. These ideas are to maximize the satisfaction towards customers with new innovation that enables them to easily access their services through their excellent mobile ordering, in-store touchscreens and table services.

McDonald’s highlights three various ways of supporting people’s lives, each of them focuses on different kinds of services. ‘Hands Full’ is specifically aimed to those wondering how to order from a menu with their hands full because of their stuffs. ‘Grownup’ gives an attention to the father-daughter relation as it is conducted to maintain good relation between them both by prompting an opportunity to spend time together. Other campaign is shooted to the story of two teenagers that is connected through McDonald’s App, called ‘It Must Be’.

By bringing up some moments that suits people’s daily life, McDonald’s points out that the key of high satisfaction is giving the best impression in every moment, facilitating the customers to be able to relish all of the services by McDonald’s in every and any occasions.