McVitie’s, a biscuit snack food brand, launched a video campaign with the aim to strengthen its brand purpose. McVitie’s vice president of marketing said that by launching this video, they intend to modernize the brand and open up a new chapter for McVitie’s itself. This video was created by Grey London, an advertising company, and a total amount of £10m was spent behind the production. McVitie’s marketing video campaign brings up issue of loneliness, how people nowadays spend less attention on the relationships around them.

The fully animated one minute video entitled ‘Sweeter Together’ depicts the driver of a crane who is trying to connect with his colleagues down on the ground below him. His efforts keep getting ignored so he feels sad because he’s alone up on the crane. Then, some McVitie’s biscuits and a cup of tea are sent up on an iron beam by his colleagues. The video ends with a short tagline: ‘Sometimes the little things are actually the really big things’. This shows people can reconnect relationships through doing little things like sharing McVitie’s biscuit, which was done by his colleagues to him.

McVitie’s video advert shifts a new image of its brands from product-led to purpose-led. They are telling people the value of their product by encouraging consumers to be more concerned with our real human connections. Through every piece of biscuit, McVitie’s ignite feelings of warmth and togetherness for those who enjoyed it. Doing little things like giving more attention to others, in this case, sharing McVitie’s biscuits, can repel loneliness. So customers are given a reason to buy and continue buying this product.