Mondelez will now take five people to do the job once performed by former global CMO Dana Anderson. The candy and snack producer today declared it is finally replacing Anderson, who resigned last April to become CMO of consultancy MediaLink.

Mondelez decided that instead of relying on one top executive to fill in the slot, they are currently calling on a team of five people to oversee its marketing around the world as part of a new regionalized structure. The target is to put marketing executives closer to the countries they oversee, so that the company can respond faster to changes in consumer demand.

Mondelez, whose brands comprises of Oreo, Trident, Cadbury and Ritz, will still maintain the global CMO role, hiring former Danone executive Martin Renaud to fill in the slot. He will be in charge of broader functions like brand strategy, agency relationships, marketing capability, and also media and digital. The prominent change will be for Mondelez to be employing four new regional CMOs placed in various overseas markets.

It marks a significant strategic change for the company, which had depended on a more centralized global approach. The new structure will allow brand leaders to drive growth and “move at the speed of our consumer,” As Mondelez Chief Growth Officer Tim Cofer said in a statement.

The strategic shift has beneficial so far. Mondelez reported a 2.4 percent rise in organic net revenue for the fourth quarter. While still being less from the 2.8 percent increase the quarter before, the increase was “still better than the sluggish performance we have seen in recent years,” said Sanford C. Berinstein in a report.

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