China’s Huawei Technologies Ltd. is continuing to push its efforts to maintain its status as a global tech competitor. Even though it and many other Chinese companies relied on western technology to develop their products, Huawei is trying their hand at making their own.

Recently they have unveiled the Kunpeng 920 chip, which is said to have been designed to handle large floods of data onto servers from smartphones, as well as on other networking services. This new line of processing makes great progress in their plans of intelligent computing.

China and Beijing’s presence is being taken note of by many other countries around the world, due to their dubious trading and technology policies. Despite that, Huawei have claimed sale forecasts of over $100 billion in 2018, and their new chip is expected to help them earn even more revenue.

The Kunpeng 920 chip is already starting to be used in many smartphones and distributed computing systems. It now serves as direct competition for the standard x86 used by industry leaders such as Intel Corp. Moreover, William Xu, Huawei’s chief marketing officer, sees its biggest value in data centers and the big data market. These are big plans indeed.

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