Samsung Global Goals App, A Collaboration with The UNDP

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[Samsung Global Goals App, A Collaboration with The UNDP]

Samsung, one of the most impactful technology companies continues to use its resources to address the urgent needs of those working to combat the threat and impact of this pandemic, based through their history: to create technology that contributes to a better global society. A year ago, UNDP and Samsung announced that they have partnered together as an effort to create an awareness of SDGs and support their efforts worldwide to build a better world in 2030.

By this year, Samsung creates an app contained real-time, updated information on UNDP’s COVID-19 and other world problems’ responses called Samsung Global Goals App. “An app created to help end poverty & hunger, reduce inequalities, tackle climate change and help make the world a better place,” says the Samsung Global Goals listing on the Galaxy Store, making Samsung is also contributing on how UNDP responds to all the global crisis.

In the app, the users can take a view on the information about all 17 goals and read straightforward information with each goal’s facts and figures. The users can also raise funds through a simple and small action that matter most to accomplish the goals and know what to do to contribute through a digital platform to promote involvement from the private sector, leading civil society members, and individuals.

Source : UNDP & Samsung

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