TaoBao has released a new devoted app for the senior generation, people over the age of 50, to cater to their necessities easily. TaoBao is well known as the biggest e-commerce platform based in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. A huge amount of the population resides within those regions, and 222 million of them are elderly. This number is expected to increase to 225 million in 2020, representing 20% of the total population. Seeing this huge potential, TaoBao tries to hit for a chance in a new target market.

The app was intentionally designed to facilitate elderly citizens in shopping through digital platforms, simplicity being a key factor in creating a sense of comfort within customer’s experiences. They provide easy access to other popular TaoBao functions, including Mall Supermarket, live-streaming programs, and costumized shopping recommendations. Besides enabling customers to stay connected with their sons or daughters through chat and voice message features, they can also send links of products and bestow the payment to their children by choosing the ‘pay for me’ option.

China’s aging population has quite a big role in the digital economy. Customers over the age of 50 buy 44 products and spend US$794 in online shopping. AliBaba’s data statistics show that there are 30 million TaoBao and Tmall users over the age of 50, 75 percent aged 50-59 and 20 percent of them are aged 60-69. Swooping the market by putting more focus on elderly-friendly products has become a great innovation and can be applied in senior-dominated populations.