Creative Marketing Integration:
Alignment of Digital - Traditional Marketing Strategy

Creative Marketing Strategy is the decisive and necessary tool for a company to improve and achieve their goals. With creative ideas, marketing is one of the primary keys to support the growth of its business. Inherently, Creative Marketing Strategy is the blueprint or blind-map of how a company creates and achieves their goals. It provides the guideline of company’s future and designed to improve their marketing. Alongside the context of that company’s ad, any kind of marketing are created to accommodate company’s strategy in achieving their goals. A creative strategy includes moving parts. Every part of it, digitally or traditionally, plays an essential role in achieveing company’s goals that already set.

Digital and Traditional are two of primary marketing strategies that play equally important roles. Digital marketing is an “umbrella term” for the marketing products and services using digital technologies; such as internet, display ad, mobile phone, etc. Digitalization in every segment creates a new way to approach many goals; including how company provide services, become more professional, and most importantly create efficient interaction with stakeholder. Meanhile, company still need to pay attention on some traditional elements. Traditional marketing reflects to any kind of conventional advertisement, marketing techniques that have been used by companies for years, and that has proven success. Methods of traditional marketing are usually  based on offline media such as; newsletters, billboards, newspaper, etc. The alignment of these two strategies is one of the keys to maintain a business growing in this digital era.

The goal of this integration is to utilize the advantages of using digital marketing and maximize the opportunities which provided by traditional strategy. Do you agree that the integration both digital and traditional strategy is the right decision? Is this the right  time to start focusing on the creative integration?